IEEE 关于石油天然气行业的文献资料

Alternative Fuels

Hybrid/Electric Vehicles

6,700+ documents

Wind Energy/Power

20,100+ documents

Solar Energy, Solar Power, and Photovoltaics

40,000+ documents


1,300+ documents

Alternate Fuel/Energy

1,200+ documents

Petroleum, Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal


3,300+ documents

Natural Gas

2,600+ documents


19,200+ documents


6,400+ documents

Fuel Exploration and Processing


27,200+ documents

Remote Sensing

69,800+ documents

Oil Fields, Exploration, Drilling

1,200+ documents

Energy and Energy Sources


2,700+ documents

Energy Conversion

21,200+ documents

Energy Management

17,400+ documents

Energy Research

2,800+ documents

Energy Sources

12,100+ documents

IEEE 关于石油天然气行业的期刊举例

IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
IEEE Power & Energy Magazine
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy

IEEE 关于石油天然气行业的会议举例

IEEE Petroleum and Chemical Industry Technical Conference
European Conference on Electrical and Instrumentation Applications in the Petroleum & Chemical Industry