Fog World Congress邀请您参加

Posted by ieee on 2017年8月07日

据悉,这是首个雾计算(Fog Computing)相关会议。该大会由ComSoc与OpenFog Consortium一起合办,其首届Fog World Congress将于2017年10月30日-11月1日在Santa Clara举行。





An Introduction to Fog Computing

  • Fog Computing:  Dawn of a new digital eraPioneering the Fog Revolution:

  • From Vision to Practice in Industry 4.0

  • First things First:  How and where to start your fog-based initiatives

  • IoT Use Cases Where Fog is Essential

  • 5G Use Cases Where Fog is Essential

  • Fog 101 for Developers

  • Introduction to the OpenFog Reference Architecture: Essential Elements of a fog computing architecture


Innovation in Fog Environments

  • Fog in Asia

  • Fog in Europe

  • Fog Tank:  The Venture Capitalists square off with Fog startups

  • Lessons Learned from Fog Experimentations, Development, and Deployments


Fog in Industry

  • Fog in Energy Environments

  • The role of fog in a Smart City

  • Fog in Transportation

  • Fog in the Factory

  • Fog in Connected Healthcare

  • The role of fog in embedded artificial intelligence


The Technology of Fog

  • The Internet of Too Many Things (Standards, that is)

  • 60 Fog Design Tips in 60 Minutes

  • Fog as a Service

  • Security in Fog environments: Block Chain, Whitebox Crypto and more

  • Fog, Edge and Cloud: A Panel discussion

  • Top technical challenges in fog computing - and how to solve them

  • Security in Fog and IoT Environments